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Have a question?

Watching the Film

When Will The Film Be Available In Other Languages?

The film is available with subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French, and automatic subtitles in all other languages. Dubbed versions will be available on November 2022 in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French. (If needed, see tutorial) about how to change the languages of subtitles.)

How Much Does It Cost To Screen The Film?

The film is available to watch for free through YouTube Originals.

Do I Need A License To Watch The Film With My Community?

We have created a version of the film that does not include any copyrighted music. This version may be watched without a license and free of charge. We ask that you not charge a ticket fee to enter the event and that you not broadcast your event to the public. To receive this version of the film, please register your screening 

My Community Has Limited Access To The Internet. How Can I Show The Film Without A Broadband Connection?

A small number of DVDs and USB drives are available for very rural and remote communities that have absolutely no Internet access. To request a DVD or USB drive, please email [email protected]. Please note that DVDs and USB drives will take approximately six weeks to arrive after shipping.

How To Support This Project

Can My Screening Be A Fundraiser?

The most important thing is that your community take action. If your community has taken action and would still like to donate, we would warmly welcome donations at Laudato Si Movement.

How Can I Learn More About Laudato Si’ Movement?

Find out more about Laudato Si’ Movement’s work and how to get involved via our website, Laudato Si Movement 

How Can I Follow The Film On Social Media?

You can follow The Letter on Instagram and Facebook

About The Film

Who Made The Letter?

The Letter was produced by Off the Fence and Laudato Si’ Movement. The Vatican’s Dicastery of Communication and Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development collaborated in the making of the film.

Who Directed The Letter?

The Letter was directed by Emmy- and BAFTA-winning documentary film director Nicolas Brown.

Is The Production Carbon-Neutral?

Best efforts were made to minimize emissions while filming; after filming was complete, emissions were offset.

Organizing A Screening

I Am Having Trouble Registering My Screening. Whom Should I Contact?

If you have any questions about your screening, please reach out to [email protected] for support. Please note that there may be a short wait time for a response.

Is The Film Appropriate For Children To Watch?

We suggest that secondary school students are the youngest group that should watch the film.

What Materials Do You Have Available For Schools?

Lesson plans for secondary schools and universities–including downloadable activities for students–are available here.

I Want To Promote My Screening. Are Any Promotional Materials Available?

If you have registered your screening, you have received an email with template resources to promote your event. If you have not registered your event, please register here to receive the full suite of resources

About The Film